4 Resolutions that Might Actually Be (dare we say it) Fun!

  1. Less screen time.

We get it. There are so many YouTube videos and memes that you just HAVE to see but if you use a screen just 1 hour less a day, you will reap the rewards mentally and physically. It may even help you to get on that run you’ve been talking about.


  1. Give More.

Many believe that in order to give more it needs to be financially. While donations are beneficial to moving the mission forward, there are many other ways to help. Pro-bono work, board service, volunteering just to name a few. This leads us to the next resolution…


  1. Give more high fives.

High fives are completely underrated. They make you and your high five partner feel great! Oh and guess what? They are completely free, quick and easy. No more excuses, just more high fives.


  1. Play a game.

When was the last time you played? I mean really played and let yourself go. Grab a friend and play a little two-square. No one is ever too old to play. Bonus points if you play your favorite game from your childhood.



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