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Fun Office Games for Any Occasion: Icebreakers, Energizers, and More

          Playworks believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid, but our Playworks’ Playbook isn’t just for kids! Many of our games are fun for all ages, so we compiled them into the Playworks Corporate Playbook with some grown-up modifications to suit any office.

          Why are office games important? It is hard for kids to focus at school, and adults struggle with this same problem at work. Over 90% of educators at our schools agree that Playworks increases cooperation between students, the ability to focus in class, the use of conflict resolution strategies, and feelings of inclusion. The same concepts are applicable at the corporate level, as employees are more likely to be fully engaged at work if they are having fun. Investing a little time on fun activities can significantly improve office morale and contribute to future company success.

          Our Corporate Playbook offers games for every occasion: icebreakers for getting to know your coworkers, Minute Moves & Energizers to liven up meetings, indoor cooperative games for your next office break, and outdoor cooperative games for the next time your team needs some fresh air. Whether these games are used as 10 minute breaks in the day, or are organized into an office game-day a few times per year, it is a fun and easy way to excite the office. Simple rewards like competing for food incentives are always good motivators. Who wouldn’t want to have fun or earn free food at the office?

This blog highlights one game per week and offers insightful suggestions on how to best incorporate these games into an office setting. Have fun with these games and make sure to share with your friends!

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