Junior Coach of the Week: Ofa

School: Willow Oaks

Ofa’s Playworks Coach: London

Favorite Game: Tetherball

Why Ofa Loves Being a Junior Coach: “I feel like a superhero to other kids and I like being a positive role model.”

What Coach London has to say about Ofa:

To me, Ofa epitomizes what a Junior Coach should be. She is dedicated to her role as a leader and has been a positive influence on her peers. Ofa has such a vibrant and infectious personality, and even on her toughest days, she has an unbreakable smile. Her motivation as a Junior Coach is driven by the challenges and goals she can achieve. No matter what game she is asked to lead during recess, she takes on each task willingly and seeks help when necessary. Ofa has even asked for the opportunity to lead Class Game Time’s to help her further develop her leadership skills at recess.

One thing I truly admire about Ofa is her giving and caring nature. Every time a Junior Coach works during recess, they earn Junior Coach money. They are able to spend their money on Wednesdays at our JCLP trainings. One day a fellow JC wanted to make a purchase but had spent all of his money. Ofa noticed how much he wanted the item and although it cost her the rest of her money, she bought it for him. She is definitely devoted to contributing to the happiness of others; and it never goes unnoticed. Other Junior Coaches have mentioned Ofa to be inspiring, kind and hardworking. Recognition of Ofa and her superior job as a Junior Coach is definitely overdue, and very much deserved!

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Junior Coach of the Week: Emmanuel


School: Stipe Elementary in San Jose

Emmanuel’s Playworks Coach: Gail

Favorite Game: Soccer

What Coach Gail has to say about Emmanuel:
From participation in the Junior Coach Leadership Program, 5th grader Emmanuel has grown to become a school leader, both in the classroom and at recess. He is an expert in identifying conflicts and helping others get to a solution by offering Ro Sham Bo.

Emmanuel enjoys being a Junior Coach and the opportunity to teach fellow students the rules of new games.

From the first day of his first recess shift, Emmanuel continues to lead by example for his team members. His coach, Coach Gail has never had to remind him to sign in/out, hang his purple Junior Coach shirt, or check if he is at his assigned game to lead.

Younger students seek Emmanuel at the end of recess to give him high-5’s and look forward to playing with him again soon. Spanish speaking students at Stipe feel comfortable communicating to Emmanuel and joining in the game with the help of his bilingual speaking abilities.

Coach Gail is thankful for having a respectful, responsible, community minded, kind, and college-bound student such as Emmanauel on her Junior Coach team this school year.

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Junior Coach of the Week: Emily


School: Cumberland Elementary in Sunnyvale

Emily’s Playworks Site Coordinator: Mike

Favorite Game: Hula Hoop Tag

She enjoys being a Junior Coach because she likes being a role model for the younger grades and being able to teach them new games.
What Coach Mike has to say about Emily:

“She deserves to be Junior Coach of the Week because she is a wonderful JC everyday. She’s responsible, fair, and takes pride in being a Junior Coach. Also this month she came up with an idea to do a presentation for the whole school on recess and game safety. She got it approved by the Principal, recruited other JC’s to help, wrote the script, and directed the presentation. Her and the rest of the Junior Coaches will be presenting this to the entire school later this month at a school assembly.”

Way to go Emily!!!

Here’s a short video of the Junior Coaches practicing their skit:

Junior Coach Skit from Playworks NorCal on Vimeo.

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NBA Fit Week: Jan 21-29

Our Silicon Valley schools are about to begin participating in the Warriors/NBA Get Fit Challenge! The Grand prize? A Get Fit clinic with at least one high profile Golden State Warrior in March! If that’s not motivation enough to take the pledge, we don’t know what is!

The students will also have the chance to win other Warriors prizes by participating in Get Fit activities including two Basketball Extravaganzas happening this Saturday in San Jose and East Palo Alto.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates on the Get Fit Challenge at our schools and there may even be a chance for you to win Warriors Prize too!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.12.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.50.39 PM

Get Fit Pledge: 

I pledge to do my very best to be active at least 60 minutes a day and to make healthy choices. I know that making these good choices will help make me stronger, smarter and healthier!

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Meet a Coach Monday: Mike



Playworks Coach Mike from Rooftop Elementary School in San Francisco

What’s your favorite thing about being a coach?

I love seeing the kids I work with thriving and growing!

Favorite game?


What inspired you to become a Playworks coach?

I wanted to influence and expose kids to new ideas and games that I learned as a kid.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen at your school because of Playworks?

I’ve seen kids that don’t normally play on the playground come and join in on games!

When not on the playground…

I’m a big foodie and I love soccer. 


A big high five to Coach Mike!

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