Meet a Coach Monday: Juan



Playworks Coach Juan from Aptitud Academy

What’s your favorite thing about being a coach?

My favorite thing as a coach is the excited reaction of the students when you see them on Monday morning or walk in to one of their classrooms.

Favorite game?

Chaos Tag

What inspired you to become a Playworks coach?

I had never thought of being a coach until a close friend of mine noticed that a lot of kids were drawn to me and I worked so well with them, he then encouraged me to apply at Playworks.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen at your school because of Playworks?

The biggest change I have seen at my school is the mutual respect between students staff and parents.

When not on the playground…

I love outdoor activities, my favorites being hiking and surfing!


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Meet a Coach Monday: Jeff



Playworks Coach Jeff from George Mayne Elementary School

What’s your favorite thing about being a coach?

Besides teaching children about healthy play and respecting the game, what I love most is that I get to build relationships with every child at school. I get to know them more than just as a student, but as who they are. I learn about what they like, what they don’t like, how they play, how they react when put in tough situations, etc. I don’t see myself just as their Playworks coach, but as a role model and friend that they can turn to whenever they need help.

Favorite game?

Magic Tag

What inspired you to become a Playworks coach?

Since high school I’ve worked with kids, ranging from kindergarten to middle school. From my experiences, I’ve learned that working with kids is both awesome and rewarding. So when I heard about Playworks, I knew it was something I had to get involved in.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen at your school because of Playworks?

More kids are getting involved and playing games. Hearing from teachers, before Playworks was at George Mayne, students were seen just walking around the playground and not really getting involved. Now, kids can’t wait to get out to recess and play not just with their peers, but younger students as well. At almost every game on our playground, there is a group of children from different grades cheering each other on, giving high fives, and respecting the game.

 2 interesting facts about Jeff

I have a twin brother and I enjoy playing basketball.


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Meet a Coach Monday: Jayme


AmeriCorps Coach Jayme from Costano Elementary School/49ers Academy

What’s your favorite thing about being a coach?

When I step back and see how the kids simply take over their playground with a sense of confidence, ownership, friendly competition, healthy teamwork and athleticism. I see smiles and hear laughter stamped with high fives and it’s awesome to see that they can modify the rules creatively and still maintain a positive, healthy community. This makes me feel like a rockstar! Also, when I run a Class Game Time where all the kids are engaged and had fun. Their smiles and sense of accomplishment is priceless.

Favorite game?

Wall Ball

What inspired you to become a Playworks coach?

Three things I believe in: working with kids is very rewarding for both parties involved, and thus nourishing; that physical activity can help change lives for the better both from the inside and out; and the power of play.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen at your school because of Playworks?

There is less fighting, thus less referrals. The kids have really learned how to manage their conflicts in a more positive way. They also have a structure to work from and this base, even when modified really keeps the kids engaged and gives them a sense of ownership of their own world. 

2 interesting facts about Jayme

I put peanut/almond butter and hot sauce on everything, but never both on one thing. That’s just EW! (Yes, shoutout to Jimmy Fallon and my favorite skit.)


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AmeriCorps Week: East Bay Coaches


This week at Playworks, we’re celebrating AmeriCorps Week by appreciating our amazing AmeriCorps coaches! Today we will highlight our coaches in the East Bay and the awesome work they are doing at their schools!


Coach: Melissa, Riverside Elementary

Coach Mel is a star Corps Member. She consistently brings her positiver energy to the playground, but also at trainings! She truly embodies all of Playworks Core Values in her program and as a person!


Coach: Milan, Ford Elementary

Coach Milan has transformed Ford’s playground in the best way possible. As soon as you step onto the playground you know its a Playworks school. The way the students positively behave and utilize their entire recess time demonstrates what kind of impact Coach Milan has made in less than a year. We couldn’t be more proud.


Coach: Lorraine, Emerson Elementary

Coach Lorraine is a rockstar at Emerson Elementary! Her passion to bring healthy play to her school really shows through her program. She is so sweet and always brings a positive light no matter what situation is given.


Coach: Wendy, Stege

Coach Wendy is a second year AmeriCorps member. She really stepped up this year by being a mentor and a great source of knowledge to all our first year members. She is a support system for not only her students, but her fellow peers!


Coach: Kelly, Wilson Elementary

Coach Kelly is a all around great coach! Her JC’s are rockin it on playground and Wilson is thriving because of Coach Kelly. She’s always been a positive role model and continues to model Playworks Core Values in her every day life.
Coach: Courtney, Nystrom

Coach Courtney had to wear many hats this school year. She went from a flex to taking on a new school and she owned it! She has overcome many challenges this school year, but has never backed down. Coach Courtney’s passion for helping youth makes us so proud of her accomplishments thus far.


Coach: Brandon, Washington

Coach Brandon has transformed his community through play! He is a team player and consistently gives it his all in any situation. He is a big kid himself so playing comes natural to him! You can always rely on Coach Brandon for a smile and a great cheer!


Coach: Loren, Highland

Coach Loren always goes above and beyond for her kids. She has such a kind heart and it shows in everything she does. Her positive spirit is contagious! You can tell she really believes in what she does just by the way she talks about her service and Playworks. We really appreciate that Loren is on our team!


Coach: Luis, Sheldon

Coach Luis is an amazing coach! He started his own soccer team at his school and its been such a huge success. He’s a natural leader its shows through his coaching. The impact he has made at Sheldon is indescribable. We appreciate his effort get things done!


Coach: Eva, Cleveland

Coach Eva has rocked it at her school since day 1. You can’t even tell she’s a first year AmeriCorps member because she has such an awesome and advanced program. Coach Eva bring healthy play to her school community everyday and is a truly respected by her students and community. We are lucky to have her.


Coach: Danazia, Shannon Elementary

We appreciate Coach Dae for her ability and willingness to always go where she is needed. She started as a flex coach, but now rocks it at her own school, Shannon. She works hard and puts 110% effort in whatever she does. She’s been a pleasure to work with and is always happy and fun!


Coach: Victoria, Jefferson Elementary

Coach Vee always has such a great attitude and swag. She’s always up for new games and new lessons! As a second year coach, she brings a lot of experience to the table. We appreciate her spreading her wisdom to the first year coaches.
Coach: Shyneisha, Cox Elementary

Coach Shy doesn’t let anything past her! She has that tough love style of coaching which is exactly what the students need at Cox. Coach Shy is good at assessing needs at her school and adjusting her teaching styles to the needs of her students! She is an awesome and reliable coach.



Coach: Francisco, Chavez Elementary

Coach Francisco is rockin’ it out at Chavez! He is a team player and always fun to work with! He brings tons of insight and experience to his role, you couldn’t even tell he’s a first year! He’s really involved with his school community and constantly brings new ideas to the playground.



Coach: Christina, Manzanita SEED

Coach Christina is a warrior coach! She triumphs adversity and keeps working hard no matter what. As an Oakland kid herself, she has first hand knowledge of what children go through, that knowledge is what makes her such a successful coach.


Coach: Lindsey, La Escuelita

Coach Lindsey has built amazing rapport with her kids. It’s always so fun and exciting to hear about what’s she’s doing on the playground and the impact she is making. She knows how to turn any situation into a fun and teachable moment which is what makes her a great coach. We love what she brings to the table.



Coach: Lisa, Think College Now

Coach Lisa is passionate and dedicated to her kids at TCN! She finds the leadership quality in all her students and teaches them how use it in a positive way. Her enthusiasm and excitement for play is effortless and amazing! We need more coaches likes Lisa in our schools!



Coach: Ebonie, Learning without Limits

Coach Ebbs is loved by her entire school community. You can just tell as soon as you step into her playground the kids adore her. Her community engagement initiative was a huge success, not only were her students playing, but adults were too! She is definitely a celebrity at Learning without Limits.



Coach: Michelle, Tara Hills

Coach Michelle has been at her school for two years now and has perfected coaching, even though she would say otherwise. She organized a playground paint earlier this year and it was awesome! Everyone loved it! The effort she puts in day to day proves her dedication to not only Playworks, but to the youth and community and that’s what AmeriCorps is all about!



Coach: Victoria, Mira Vista

Coach Victoria’s positive energy just spreads like wildfire both on and off the playground. She makes any situation fun and exciting! She always puts in 100% to make a difference in her school community. She is hardworking and dedicated to helping others.



Coach: Nick, Murphy

Coach Nick has definitely grown this year and its been amazing to watch! He always looking for ways to be a better coach and he is succeeding. He has really made an impact on kids, but especially his league teams! Murphy and Playworks are grateful to have him!

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AmeriCorps Week: San Francisco Coaches



This week at Playworks, we’re celebrating AmeriCorps Week by appreciating our amazing AmeriCorps coaches! Today we will highlight our coaches in San Francisco and the awesome work they are doing at their schools!




Coach: Mike

School: Charles Drew

2nd year AC Coach Mike is fully dedicated to making his kids have fun and be a part of the game. He has truly stepped up as a 2nd year AC member by making his playground a perfect environment for any kid to feel welcome. 


NoelleCoach: Noelle

School: Glen Park

Coach Noelle is an amazing multi-tasker with a sense of purpose and direction. She has easily submersed herself in the Glenn Park community! Her class game times are always well planned and filled with lots of high fives and fun.


IMG_4921Coach: Porter

School: Carver

Coach Porter has done an excellent job of stepping up at Carver. He is great at encouraging healthy play and inclusion for all the students. No matter what kind of day he is having he will always be smiling and ready to give high fives! 


LisaCoach: Lisa

School: Spruce

Coach Lisa goes above and beyond to make sure she is connected and involved with her schools community. The kids she recruits for leagues always respect the game, play hard and have fun! 



Coach: Josh

School: Visitacion Valley

Coach Josh always has plenty of games set up for his students at recess. His amazing Junior Coach incentive system keeps his JC’s motivated to be leaders, give high fives and say “Good Job, Nice Try”. 


IMG_4922Coach: Mike S

School: John Muir

Coach Mike keeps a positive attitude for the kids at John Muir. He is amazing at helping the studnets with conflict resolution, especially when the conflict cannot be solved using RSB. He helps students calm down and find the best possible way to solve a conflict.


BonnieCoach: Bonnie

School: Fairmount

Coach Bonnie is a very hard worker who strives to give the students at Fairmount the best program possible. She is very thoughtful and caring towards her students.


EricCoach: Eric

School: Edison

Coach Eric is always full of energy during his CGT’s and recess. He continues to build great rapport with all his students and staff.



LatoyaCoach: Latoya

School: Moscone

Coach Latoya is a very passionate coach who goes above and beyond for her students. She is always upbeat, smiling and ready to get in the game.



JakeCoach:  Jake

School: Sheridan

Coach Jake is a perfect role model and team player by being available for the great purpose of Playworks SF. Coach Jake is just a big kid who loves to play and have fun with his students.


ElizabethCoach:  Elizabeth

School: Marshall

Coach Elizabeth is always full of life and striving every day to be the best coach. She is very caring and passionate for serving youth. She also make spectacular poster that really help bring out her playground at Marshall!


TaylorCoach:  Taylor

School: El Dorado

Coach Taylor runs a great Junior Coach Program at El Dorado. She leads awesome trainings, appreciates her team and even works with younger students as Jr. Jr. Coaches so that her whole school community really feels the effects of her systems and best practices!

Thank you AmeriCorps members for your service!!





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