Junior Coach of the Week: Emmanuel


School: Stipe Elementary in San Jose

Emmanuel’s Playworks Coach: Gail

Favorite Game: Soccer

What Coach Gail has to say about Emmanuel:
From participation in the Junior Coach Leadership Program, 5th grader Emmanuel has grown to become a school leader, both in the classroom and at recess. He is an expert in identifying conflicts and helping others get to a solution by offering Ro Sham Bo.

Emmanuel enjoys being a Junior Coach and the opportunity to teach fellow students the rules of new games.

From the first day of his first recess shift, Emmanuel continues to lead by example for his team members. His coach, Coach Gail has never had to remind him to sign in/out, hang his purple Junior Coach shirt, or check if he is at his assigned game to lead.

Younger students seek Emmanuel at the end of recess to give him high-5’s and look forward to playing with him again soon. Spanish speaking students at Stipe feel comfortable communicating to Emmanuel and joining in the game with the help of his bilingual speaking abilities.

Coach Gail is thankful for having a respectful, responsible, community minded, kind, and college-bound student such as Emmanauel on her Junior Coach team this school year.

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