Meeting Icebreaker: Movement Name Game

Our Playworks’ Playbook isn’t just for kids! Adding an icebreaker game to your team’s meetings can create excitement and make for a more fun, engaging meeting. Here’s an easy one to try out at your next meeting:



Movement Name Game

Goal: To learn everyone’s names and a little bit of their personality.

How to Play:
  • Circle up (it can be around a table) and make sure everyone as a little room
  • The first person begins the circle rotation by loudly saying his/her name while at the same time doing a movement that represents them
  • Movement examples: Shooting a basketball, fun dance move, or kicking a soccer ball
  • The whole group repeats back the name and movement
  • This call and response continues around the circle until everyone has gotten a turn

Have fun and make sure to post the best moves that you see!


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