Tuesday’s Taste of the Corporate Playbook: All Tangled Up

All Tangled Up

Indoor Cooperative Game

Length of Activity: 10-15 minutes

Required materials: None

How to Play:

  • After forming a tight circle, take one hand and grab the hand of anyone in the group except direct neighbors.
  • This person then grabs the hand of anyone in the group except the people standing next to them and the person they are already holding hands with.
  • Continue this process until everyone is connected.
  • Now the entire group must work together to get untangled without letting go of each other’s hands.

This game is a fun way to test critical thinking ability and flexibility! The goal is simple, but getting there requires a lot of teamwork to solve this problem. If this is too easy, make the group larger and/or restrict some communication methods. Or race against another team for some added competition!

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