Tuesday’s Taste of the Corporate Playbook: Ball Toss Race

Ball Toss Race


Length of Activity: 10 minutes

Required materials: 1 ball or any throwable object

How to Play:

  • Start by gathering in a spacious room and taking turns loudly presenting your name to the group.
  • Quickly say another person’s name and pass them the ball.
  • Continue to toss the ball around the room, sitting/kneeling down after passing the ball so that everyone receives the ball just once.
  • After the ball reaches the last person, immediately pass the ball back around in the opposite direction and continue to say the names of those you pass the ball to.

Learn everyone’s names with some added competition. This game is a great way to make learning names more enjoyable. Time yourselves and try to be as fast as possible. Or raise the stakes by racing against another team!

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