Tuesday’s Taste of the Corporate Playbook: Zen Counting

As we have mentioned before on our blog, play isn’t just for kids!  Now, we’re working on a Corporate Playbook with the perfect icebreakers and activities for beginning your meetings or for taking a constructive break to play in the office. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the Icebreakers:


Zen Counting

Goal: Icebreaker to improve communication.

How To Play:

Have the group count from one to ten. The larger the group, the harder this is and the longer it can take. Start by giving them instructions and letting them ask questions, but don’t allow them to plan any strategy (e.g. there should be no designated order). The rules:

  • Only one person can talk at a time; if two people speak at once, the group must start over.
  • No one person can say two consecutive numbers.
  • No gestures allowed

Once your group becomes good at it, you can even have them try with their eyes closed. Enjoy the game and be sure to post your experience!

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