Welcome Letter: Paul Collins, San Francisco Executive Director

Hello! I am Paul Collins and I am thrilled to be the newest Executive Director for Playworks in San Francisco.

I still remember my first encounter with Playworks – then Sports4Kids – when as a parent I was deeply satisfied to see how a Coach with positive energy and terrific facilitation skills could so positively impact the recess (and lunch transition!) culture at my children’s school, Buena Vista Alternative Elementary. We even have a proud Junior Coach alum in the family, headed to college later this year.

As I pay even more attention, I am amazed at the power that play can have in our lives and the ways it can very positively impact a child’s sense of self, a team’s morale, an organization’s sense of purpose, and our overall capacity to influence the kinds of change we want to see in the world. At Playworks we offer you, our community, several ways to incorporate play into your work, your capacity for service, even your own sense of self-care and joy. Seriously! 🙂

I encourage you to consider joining us for our annual celebration of play, and Get in the Game! Take advantage of the riotous fun and amazing team building opportunity of our early summer Corporate Kickball event. Volunteer to support play literacy at an elementary school in your community! And please reach out to our team to explore how you want to expand – or join – our growing posse driving the movement for safe and healthy play in the Bay Area, and beyond. I greatly appreciate this opportunity, and your ongoing partnership and support.

Paul Collins
Executive Director
Playworks San Francisco

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